Opera online shopping survey finds 70% Indians prefer getting gift vouchers

Most young Indians would rather receive an online shopping voucher instead of a gift, and large number of them prefer to shop using their mobiles, either through a dedicated shopping app or a mobile browser. These were some of the findings of an online shopping survey done by browser maker Opera. 43% of the Indian’s surveyed said that they preferred receiving a gift voucher as against a third who said that they would be happy to get a gift selected by the giver. 85% shop using the mobile, with only 15% using the desktop, unlike the US where the desktop still accounts for over two-thirds of all e-commerce sales.


Online shopping has become popular due to the increasing usage of smartphones, roll out of high-quality networks, and the ease of access and convenience of having goods delivered to your doorstep. Opera today has over 75 million monthly users in India and we see that e-commerce is one of the top categories of content viewed by Opera users,” said Sunil Kamath, Vice President – South Asia & Southeast Asia at Opera. The survey was conducted across over 1500 participants across 30 cities in India in the 16-55 age group. Of this, 70% were 19-30 years old, while 60% respondents were from the five major metros.